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Sneak A Peek 3D4D Ultrasound offers gender reveal sonograms and 3d4d ultrasounds in the Northeast Arkansas and Greater Little Rock Arkansas areas with offices in Conway and Jonesboro.

3D4D and Gender Reveal Sonograms

Sneak a peek at the miraculous life growing inside you!
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We have offices in Conway and Jonesboro to serve you better!
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Sneak a Peek at Your Baby!

Sneak a Peek 3d4d UltrasoundThis is such a special time in life! Some women experience several pregnancies in their lifetime, some only once and others through the blessing of adoption or surrogacy.  Whatever the case may be, cherish every moment of it. Create memories that will last a lifetime.  You will never regret it.

Does he have my nose or those big ears that seem to run in dad’s family? Need a gender reveal ultrasound for your gender reveal party? Well, now you can know the sex of your baby or view your baby in action. Using cutting edge technology, Sneak A Peak Ultrasound offers you the incredible experience of peeking at your precious little one in high definition ultrasound. It’s the next best thing to actually having them here.

Sneak A Peek enhances the pregnancy experience with our soothing and home like atmosphere.  Relax, don’t be tense, we want you to feel at ease.  We are not here to rush through this, it’s too important. We are not here to judge or be judged.  We are here to make you and baby feel safe, loved and validated.  Your baby is precious and unique regardless of how he or she images.  Our number one goal is to nurture the bond you’ve already created by letting you see inside his or her magical world, to catch glimpses, to “sneak a peek” of what is to come. You have our permission to giggle or let the tears fall. What on earth can capture our heart more than the sight of our little angel?  The relationship of a mother with her child begins in pregnancy. Studies show that the majority of mothers felt that seeing their baby on ultrasound created a closer relationship. Come see for your self.

  • Reduces anxiety, gives reassurance
  • Positively influences mother’s perception
  • Contributes to positive health behavior
  • Mothers feel they already know their baby because of ultrasound
  • Allows mother to share image with friends and family
  • Allows dad to be involved
  • More family centered, not an “in and out” procedure
In 40 years of study, there have been no proven harmful effects from prenatal ultrasound.

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We went today & were so pleased! The tech was really nice & spent a lot of time with us. It was well worth going!


Best $$$$$ I ever spent!

Sharen Smith

Very nice environment and great photos!! Love it!

Destiny Mills
Author Picture

We love Sneak A Peek!  We went there for our gender scan and 3d-4d!

Jessica Ryan Holland
Author Picture

I LOVE Sneak a Peek! Very professional and goes beyond necessary to make sure you have a great experience. I live about 2.5 hours away and went for my 2D a few months ago.I am for sure going back for the 4D in 2 weeks! :) Wouldn’t use anyone else!

Ashley Bloom
Author Picture

I had a great experience at Sneak A Peek from start to finish. The tech was awesome. Loved it!

Jessica Martin


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