Tips For Getting A Good 3d4d Ultrasound


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So you’re pregnant and excited to see your baby so much so that you’ve scheduled a 3d4d ultrasound appointment.  Sometimes, due to factors beyond anyone’s control, it is difficult or impossible to get that facial shot. When that happens it can be very disappointing.  Here are some things you can do to help gain cooperation and get the best pictures possible.

#1  Drink 6-8 glasses of water for several days prior to your appointment.  This cannot be emphasized enough.  It won’t do any good if you wait until the day before or the morning of your appointment to start. Drinking fluid increases the level of amniotic fluid which helps to transmit the sound waves and separates baby from surrounding tissue making images much clearer.

#2 Choose the right time in your pregnancy.  If you are wanting to see facial features, 28-32 weeks is best. If you are carrying low 28 weeks is better.   If you are fuller figured, 30 weeks is better.  If you are unsure, go with 28 weeks.  That way you will still have time for a second attempt, if needed. If you wait past 32, it could be more difficult to get good images since baby is becoming more crowded and the fluid level is decreasing.

#3 Eat a light meal and drink fruit juice 30-60 minutes before your appointment.  This will stimulate the baby to be active. Fruit juice is better than caffeine because it will last longer.

#4 Relax.  This is meant to be fun and not stressful.  Just enjoy the moment.  If you are tense, baby may sense this. Wear comfortable 2 piece clothing and just roll with it!


2D/3D/4D Ultrasound What’s The Difference?

                                                                                                                   2D Image

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So what is the difference in 2d/3d/and 4d  ultrasound?  Is 3d better than 4d?

We get this question a lot! Sonograms use sound waves that travel perpendicular into the body and reflect back to construct an image. A 2D sonogram is the procedure that women experience as part of their prenatal care which makes black and white pictures. It is ordinarily used to check the baby’s heartbeat plus identify gender and is also used to ascertain how far along in the pregnancy the mother is.  It is an evaluation tool to look for many possible birth defects. It’s usually done at 20 weeks at which time the physician will need to confirm the overall health of the baby. Around this time you can almost always establish the baby’s sex, assuming the little one cooperates!


3D Image

3D ultrasound is the exact same technology as 2D but sends out sound waves from numerous directions and it is more like surface imaging. As a result 3D makes a life-like display of the little one’s attributes.




4D Imaging

4D ultrasound is the same technology as 2D and 3D, however a number of shots are taken continuously showing real time imagery of the child. The 4th dimension is time.  You really can’t have 3d without 4d or 4d without 3d.   There is no difference in baby’s appearance from 3d to 4d.  The easiest way to remember it is that 4d is a 3d movie.

4d is like a window straight into the womb that permits you to see the baby moving about, maybe yawning, smiling, scowling or sucking it’s thumb!

Elective Prenatal Ultrasound Is On the Rise!

Sneak A Peek Ultrasound proudly serves Jonesboro  and Conway/Little Rock Arkansas area and the greater Memphis area with elective prenatal ultrasound to enhance the pregnancy experience.

Pregnancy ultrasound technology has advanced in the past 10 years giving rise to 3d/4d imaging that enables you to see your baby in stunning life like clarity.

Nowadays with portable technology, ultrasound can be brought to you in your home or wherever you choose.  This week   USA Today  ran a story about in home ultrasound showers.  Other news outlets are also addressing this hot topic.

Sonographer Deanna Turner offers mobile prenatal ultrasound in the Jonesboro Arkansas area through Sneak A Peek At Home

We offer this service through our division “Sneak A Peek At Home”.   Sonographer Deanna Turner not only provides ultrasound services but also offers complete party planning.  Click here to see the website

This growing trend raises some eyebrows as some people feel it is too much sharing or are concerned about making worrisome discoveries during the ultrasound.  These are valid points that should be considered.  However, it should be noted that women must be under medical care to receive an elective ultrasound and  findings can occur at any point in the pregnancy.  It is best to become aware of  possible problems sooner rather than later to obtain the best outcomes.  When it comes to over sharing, that is a personal choice and if you are not comfortable doing this sort of thing, you shouldn’t do it.  If in home shower guests are uncomfortable, they should be offered an alternative room to go to during the scanning session.  It all comes down to mutual respect.  Some women want to share their excitement about their pregnancy with all of their friends and family.  There is no right or wrong, this is a personal choice for each individual involved.  Some women bring the whole clan to their ultrasound performed in our studio, some just bring the husband and some women come alone.   It’s whatever you are comfortable with.

Regardless of how you feel about it, this is a trend that appears to be growing in popularity and women will seek out this service.  At Sneak A Peek Ultrasound, we are here to proudly offer in home services.  Our mission is to enhance the pregnancy experience through the use of high quality ultrasound imaging with packages for every budget.   This is a special time in your life, you deserve a special experience.

God Bless The Babies!




Glad Tidings!

As 2012 draws to a close, we want to take the time to reflect on all that has happened.  Sneak A Peek Ultrasound opened it’s doors for business inside of Emily Ann’s Consignment Store.  Thank you my  dear friend Carol White, the owner of Emily Ann’s, for allowing us this opportunity.  What a blessing it has been to be able to show families their precious little one.  We’ve laughed and cried along with you as we realized that every baby in every situation is truly a gift from God…. and we’ve heard some pretty incredible stories along the way.

Of course, it has not always been easy!  3d4d ultrasound imaging is a skill that must be developed and early on our skill level was not as strong as it is now.  We felt the disappointment as we earnestly tried to give every mother awesome images like you see on the internet……sometimes that was not enough.  We learned that sometimes it was not our skill level, but factors beyond our control such as baby position, maternal body tissue, fluid intake etc.

We were fortunate enough to have Deanna Turner, a solid veteran of ob/gyn and 3d4d imaging join us in October. Wow, talk about skill level!  She is awesome and is so fun to work with too.  Deanna has launched Sneak A Peek At Home, a side business for in home services.

In response to requests  from our clients, we’ve added satellite locations and enhanced services.  We are listening to you!  We are still a work in progress and continue to grow and improve (as we all should throughout life) every day.  We are incredibly thankful for all that 2012 has brought and look forward to a bright future in 2013.  God all of you in the New Year and God  bless the babies!